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Healthy Habit Resources


PRayer Wheel

A prayer wheel provides prompts and guidance. I use the prayer wheel each week when I run.  At each quarter mile I change to the next prompt. Each prompt provides a new level of discipline in prayer. 

 1) Praise - Tell of His greatness
 2) Waiting - Honor Him with your silence
 3) Confession - Admit your sin
 4) Scripture Praying - Recall or practice a verse
 5) Watching - Look around, how is God at work
 6) Intercession - Pray for others
 7) Petition - Pray for yourself
 8) Thanksgiving - Name the blessings in your life
 9) Singing - Sing to the Lord
10) Meditation - Focus on an idea or theme
11) Listening - Give your attention to the Lord.
12) Praise - Hallelujah, to the King of Kings 


Praise Progress

I am an emotional eater.  Food is my drug of choice. I learned to map my Emotional responses through the First Place 4 Health program,  The knowledge I have learned through mapping my emotions revealed truths about myself.  

I have learned new ways to cope with the emotions of life, whether it is happy, sad, lonely, tired, angry or bored. Knowledge gave me power to overcome my poor emotional coping.    

Take time to praise along the journey.  Click on the image to the right to download your own Praise Progress Calculator.


Healthy Recipes

I am always looking for new ways to enjoy food in healthy quantity and quality. Thanking the Lord for my health! Click here to to check out my blog of healthy recipes.